E4 wristband Rev.2

The most comfortable and accurate wristband to monitor physiological signals in real-time

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E4 wristband Rev.2

What's in the Box?

- E4 wristband
- Charger (cradle + cable)
- extra pair of EDA electrodes
- User Manual 

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Based on popular demand, Empatica's engineering group approved the modification of the E4 from a semi-permanent screw-on electrode to snap-on architecture. We're now offering a solution to make E4 compatible with traditional EDA electrodes for use in the lab.


The new band accepts a pair of silver plated brass button electrodes which can be easily switched out for lead-wire extensions. The extensions allow researchers to use E4 with a variety of traditional EDA electrode configurations. This enables the use of E4 in a wide range of research settings with configurations for palmar skin conductance measurement or the use of gelled electrodes secured under the band. 


For more information about the new version and possibility to upgrade contact us at support@empatica.com

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E4 Demo videos





A snap-on silver-plated electrode for Empatica E4 wristband for use without conductive gels. Note: compatible with the new architecture (introduced May, 2017)


A snap-on dock for charging and transferring data off of the E4 wristband. The dock comes paired with an Empatica branded 12cm / 4-inch micro-USB cable. Remove the dock before wearing E4.

E4 charging cradle + USB cable

Band extention

An Empatica branded snap-in E4 wristband band extendor. This extendor adds up to 4 cm / 1.5 inches in length to the E4 wristband in 5 mm / 3/16 inch increments.

Band extention

Lead Wires:

A snap-on lead-wire for connecting the E4 to skin conductance measurement electrodes attached to the fingers or palmar surface

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